Lakeshore Garden Masters

LGM is a group of Western Michigan gardeners who have transplanted themselves from the MSU Extension to establish an independent organization to further the enjoyment and knowledge of gardening in pleasant fellowship.

The Monet Garden, located in downtown Muskegon at the corner of Clay and Fifth Street, is the volunteer garden project of the Lakeshore Garden Masters.

Linda Hecksel is the Chairperson of the garden.  She sets up work sessions for weeding, planting, thinning...all the normal garden work needed to keep the garden beautiful.

Work schedule for summer 2020: 

April    7      5PM-8PM

April    23    10AM-1PM


May     5     5PM-8PM

May    18     10AM-1PM


June    2     5PM-8PM

          18    10AM-1PM


July     7      5PM-8PM

         16     10AM-1PM


Aug    4       5PM-8PM

         20     10AM-1PM


Sept    1      5PM-8PM

          17    10AM-1PM


Oct     6      5PM-8PM

         22     10AM-1PM

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